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Live Internet Radio

Webcasting with Canstream comes with the following features as standard:

  • fixed price usage, no hidden surcharges
  • free benchmarked webstats
  • telephone and email support
  • free encoder software for PC and Mac
  • stable, secure and reliable open source streaming platform
  • dedicated high-speed connectivity on the Internet backbone from Telehouse, Docklands
  • link to your site from the CMA website on request
  • free Flash MP3 player to embed on your website
  • support with PPL and MCPS-PRS returns
  • subscriptions support the strategic work of the CMA
  • email notification if your stream disconnects
  • low subscriptions starting at £25 per month for global community broadcasting

And by using Canstream you not only get a high quality webcasting service but your subscription also helps to support the work of the Community Media Association.  The CMA’s current priorities for the whole of the community media sector are:

  • funding and sustainability
  • fair play for copyright fees
  • more spectrum for community radio through digital migration
  • local and community television
  • sector recognition by Government and industry


Canstream also offers an on-demand podcasting content management solution.  Along with the free technical support that we provide our podcasting platform has the following functions:

  • Built in Flash player
  • Commenting system
  • Categories for different content
  • Automatic building of RSS feeds (for all content, categories and/or comments)
  • FTP upload
  • Templates
  • Registration of your content with iTunes

Listen Again

Our podcasting platform can provide a stream on-demand solution for your content to prevent unauthorised downloads.

And Canstream is the only internet streaming provider that we know of to offer ALISA – Automated LIsten Again – that has been developed in-house.  ALISA is designed to fill the gap between your online streaming and your Listen Again platform.

With ALISA you can record your station’s output and automatically upload it to the Listen Again platform.  Just complete an online schedule with details of your shows and everything you wish to record gets automatically uploaded.

Video streaming

Canstream can provide your project with a professional Flash video streaming solution.  Mix live video, interviews, presentations and archive content into a live video stream for our servers to broadcast.  Or choose to have a webcam in your studio to visually engage with your radio audience. Talk to us for more details.

Web hosting

Canstream can offer your project a range of web hosting options as we have experience with most major open source CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and Mambo.  We also have expertise in hosting the open source virtual learning environment (VLE) Moodle.

Canstream Internet Radio